Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Get to Know Me

The Get to Know Me vision project is a cultural awareness program geared towards high school, college-bound seniors. University student volunteers led high schools students through a series of discussions about their (the high school student's) own communities, stereotypes and how they break those stereotypes.
The program aims to help them understand similarities between them and those who, on the outside, seem "different," and encourages them to attend cultural events when they get to college. Get to Know Me's vision is to create inclusive, space college campuses for every student.

So, get to know me!

-Concept, interviews, video and editing by Laura Herrera (University of Missouri-Columbia)
-Music is "Lessons Learned" by Matt & Kim
-Opening quote by Amy Maddox
-Thank you to all participants and a special thank you to Lisa La Monica from Dr. Michael M. Krop High for all her guidance and help.
-Dedicated to the 2010-2011 Chancellor's Leadership Class.

*Personal note: Yes, this project was created as part of the Chancellor's Leadership Class; however, within the next year to two years, I do hope to see this project become a reality.