Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hello, Blogosphere!

This is not my first introduction to the Internet or the blogging world. The titled apostrophe was merely an "I'm back" statement.
In between old, emotional online blogs and hard, paper diaries, I got lost within actually living and not recording. The ironic part is that my life is all about recording. I record history as it is made. I am a journalist, a reporter, a news junkie.
I began this blog for a few reasons. I want to get back in touch with my voice. I want to expand onto the internet, because that's where the timely news is now. And yes, I want to show what I've got and be able to grow a career.
  My passion is writing, so now I can share my thoughts on all sorts of topics (mostly journalism considering it consumes my life) regularly. Well, here goes everything.
photo by Laura Herrera


  1. I Love it Laura your simply the best at what you love doing and I look up to you!!!!

    Fernanda =)