Saturday, November 10, 2012

NYT Micro-documentary is Simple and Powerful

A concept I just discovered is the "Op-doc."
This idea combines the visual power of micro-documentaries and uses it to express and opinion.

Welcome to the new age of the "Op-Ed" page.

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 The New York Time's "11 Excellent Reasons Not to Vote?" caught my eye. The title itself is enough to make you want to watch with all the usual bombardment of pro-voting advertisements. A video on not voting? What is this? The concept, over seven minutes of talking to young Americans of why they vote or do not vote, was brilliant. It was an interestingly sarcastic and backhanded approach to counter the arguments of apathetic non-voters. The video was also very simple. It was just a compilation of high-quality interview shots with people. No b-roll necessary, just new angles and words. I also found it engaging to hear the interviewers comments from behind the camera. A new approach is refreshing and entertaining.

 Check out the video and Op-doc section here:

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