Saturday, September 28, 2013

Playlist for Writing a Thing

This post was adapted from the blog Virtual Newsroom run by Josie Herrera and Mary Kenney. To check out the full post go here.

Josie’s Playlist:
I have a soft spot for almost every genre of music; therefore, my writing moods and processes are very specific and have to be broken up. Needless to say, music is a must for my writing process to be even remotely successful. 
My most recent example of this was just last week where I worked on a convergence reporting piece on the national folk-revival influencing instrument sales and music lessons in Columbia, Mo. Naturally, I worked some playlist magic and formed my own folk-revival list. I never thought I'd be so into the banjo, but this story really gave me a new appreciation. Thanks, journalism!

Regularly It starts with the…
1. Research
While I’m planning, organizing, contacting sources and researching, I enjoy a shameless Top 40 mix. Things I can sing along to and be silly while I work on the less glamorous side of media (what?!?!? journalism isn’t all glamour, all the time?). Playing the “Top Hits” station on Pandora will do the trick or check out some of these individually:
2. Walking to an Assignment
I admit I have a problem. I am part of the generation that can’t function without headphones…even if I’m not listening to anything. SO SAD. I make an extra effort at times to walk places without headphones because I am trying to be more human.
Still, getting in the mood for an assignment is essential to me. In this case, I play anything that makes me feel empowered and like a bad**s motherf**ker that can do anything. If it’s a long enough walk or T ride (I’m in the city), I’ll plug in and let epic-ness ensue. 
The Blood of Cuchulainn byMychael Danna and Jeff Danna (from The Boondock Saint’s soundtrack and especially feel good when walking through Boston).
3. Serious Hardcore Writing
Now I’m at the real deal. I’m about to try to blow hearts and minds and this piece of journalism is serious and not simply a fluff piece. I’m gonna f**k some s**t up. This is where my real musical interests are. Please check out some of these amazing non-Top 40 artists and support their work. 
4. Non-serious Fun Writing
Not that this isn’t important or interesting work…it just warrants a different kind of mentality. In these cases I revert back to Top 40 or I make it even better and listen to mainly bachata. 
5. Academics
Alas, I am still a student counting the credit hours I have left to graduate. To me, writing papers is VERY different than writing stories and articles. Besides the fact that I find it extremely boring, unnecessarily long and refuse to write in anything but AP Style, my music needs change as well. 
Refer to #4 for my favorite bachata songs that make academic writing bearable. I also really enjoy some of the stuff listed below for these sad occasions. 
Well, now that you know the intimate details of my life, I hope you find some new songs you like (especially in category 3).

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