Saturday, September 22, 2012

"Taking on Tosca": A Self-Narrative

The New York Time's "Taking on Tosca" was an excellent example of a self-narrative profile.

The videography, even in the low lights of a opera house, is clear and high quality. The reporter allows for the singer's voice to be heard clearly without the audio mishaps of mishandled microphones or cords. There was strategically cuts between the signer's talking explanation and performance as not to overwhelm watchers. In addition, the interviews with the singer and play director show clear visuals with a lower depth of field as to focus on the speaker and not have items in the background distract from their faces.

Asides from the technical aspect, I appreciate the use of self-narratives as a way of allowing people to tell their own stories. While in this specific example it is easy to allow a source to tell their own story, I feel this is always a far more insightful way of approaching storytelling, especially in a multimedia platform.

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